Academy Director

A PGA European Tour Coach and given over 40,000 lessons to golfers of all abilities. Mark will be available at Willow Valley periodically for performance clinics.

More about Mark

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Kieron Gaskell

PGA Teaching Professional

Kieron likes to coach the player in front of him and not the method.He has an easy to understand approach to coaching and his aim is to help every pupil play their best golf. More about Kieron

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Joe Tinsley

PGA Teaching Professional

Joe strongly believes that everybody is built differently, and as such everybody will have different tendencies with their movement patterns. He also like to spend more time on the course with students More about Joe

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Elliott Lister

PGA Teaching Professional

Elliott believes that every golfer is different and it is crucial to find the simplest way to reach the goals of the individual. He has been to Stack and Tilt network training to help improve every golfer. More about Elliott

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