Joe Tinsley

PGA Teaching Professional

“Golfing was always a family passion, and as such Joe started golfing from as young as he can remember. Most of his junior playing took place throughout Yorkshire, with Fulford GC his home club for the majority.

He then took his first position and began his PGA qualification at the prestigious Alwoodley GC, in Leeds. This provided a great foundation for his learning and gained a passion for bringing people happiness by improving their games.

Having finished his PGA qualification, he then decided to become a self employed coach in Watford, further working on my understanding of the game whilst helping golfers in a new environment at Topgolf. 

To continue his career progression and knowledge, he moved to work alongside some world renowned coaches at the Jason Floyd Academy in Spain. The emphasis was on screening players and making relevant changes with the use of Force Plate and Trackman data. As well as this, they placed huge emphasis on the mental and course management aspects of the game which he believe goes overlooked by a lot of golfers and can reduce scores drastically.

Whilst in Spain he spent his days coaching some of the very best junior/young adult golfers in the world, with their aspirations being to make it on tour after completing their education in American colleges with a high emphasis on golf. 

He is well versed and trained in biomechanics, ground force reactions and how they relate to the issues we see in the golf swing. He likes to use this knowledge to give the golfer a full understanding of any issues they’re having in their game, and provide a calculated route to solving them. 

He strongly believes that everybody is built differently, and as such everybody will have different tendencies with their movement patterns. He caters the changes we make to your genetic make-up to make sure you progress as easily (and quickly) as possible.

He also likes to spend time on the course with students, developing proper course-management, analysis of different slopes/lies and giving an understanding of how players can truly improve their scores with better mental processes.“

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